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1 Reservations, please?
03/18/13 08:54 PM by Trish Coulter Farano
Share your thoughts about our 40th reunion
1 Reunion
09/21/12 05:33 PM by Jane Schmidt Vaughn
If you could have a second home somewhere, where would it be? (And where is your current home?)
1 RE: My second home
08/18/12 01:02 AM by Ruth Van Well Baker
What did you like best about your years at McCluer? Do you think the size of our school (4300) and class (1300) was an advantage or detriment? What was your favorite activity?
1 favorite memories
08/18/12 02:18 AM by Ruth Van Well Baker
What was your worst experience at McCluer? What year would you have preferred to skip? How did you handle split and staggered shifts? (Surely you haven't forgotten!)
2 Hitchhiking
06/18/13 06:22 AM by Michael Kern
What is your favorite story to share with with your buddies our family? What story makes you wish you were 17 again, just having fun?
0 None
Which McCluer teacher had the greatest influence on your life?
3 RE: most Influential teacher
04/05/22 12:32 PM by Gerry Hamilton
Where did you like to hang out in high school?
7 RE: High school hang-outs
09/19/12 11:34 PM by Merry Stoetzer Morrison