McCluer Music

We enjoyed an award-winning Music Department at McCluer during our tenure.

Mr. B.C. Bundy directed the choir Junior/Senior Choir and Mrs. Edith Sobin was co-director.

Mr. Ron Frede directed the Concert Band, and Mr. Ivy Allen directed the Orchestra.


One particularly outstanding performance, in 1971, featured the Junior/Senior Choir (we were juniors) and the Orchestra. Mr. Bundy arranged to have the concert recorded and produced on vinyl LP records.

The recordings have been digitized by 1971 graduate Vicki Gale (Gilbert). We are grateful to her for sharing the output with us.


   Please enjoy:

  • Neue Liebeslieder Waltzes (Brahms)
    Featuring the Junior Choir. Conductor: B.C. Bundy. Pianists: Edith Sobin and Carol Koeppe.

  • Liebeslieder Waltzes (Brahms)
    Featuring the Senior Choir. Conductor: B.C. Bundy. Pianists: Edith Sobin and Pamela McColl.
  • Carmina Burana (Orff)
    Featuring the Junior/Senior Choir. Conductor: B.C. Bundy. Pianists: Edith Sobin, Pamala McColl, and Carol Koeppe.

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Thanks to Classmate Scott Rogers, we also have digital recordings on YouTube from our senior year. The McCluer High School Music Department performed and recorded "Music Of The American Civil War" on Feb. 12, 1972  (KBK Custom Records). B.C. Bundy directed.

The Battle Hymn of the Republic

America the Beautiful